Things you need to know:

The competitive competition will be on Saturday, at 6pm. Line up is at 5:30pm, those who are late will not participate in the walk on.


There is a MANDITORY pre judging at 4:00pm on Saturday, the same day of the competition. Those who are late or do not show up will not participate in the walk on.


Sign ups are available at the desk near the stage until 4pm. At that time, sign ups will be cut off. There are only 40 slots available for the walk on.


You are not required to wear your costume for sign ups, only for pre-judging and the walk on itself.

You will not be allowed a microphone, an MC will be available to announce you. As of this year, no skits are allowed (but plan for the future). Please think about what your plan is before you get on stage to present your character as presentation is a bracket you will be judged on.

Contestants will be judged according to their costume's resemblance to the character it is based on, representation of their costume and craftsmanship skills. Please bring a reference image, either via your phone or printed out. Please also bring progress photos of your cosplay if available.




1. Each contestant may only enter one costume.


2. You may enter as an individual or a group (you will be awarded with only on trophy as a group)


3. We do not allow explosives, pyrotechnics or similar

special effects that are capable of causing damage to individuals, objects, or the venue.


4. Please make sure your costume is dry and ready for the walk on.

No messy or wet costumes will be allowed on stage

(i.e body paint, paint on costumes, or costumes that are falling apart and leaving a trail.)


5.Every part of each contestant’s costume must leave with them after the walk on.


6. No profanity, political, or religious statements or signage is allowed during the contest, on or off stage.


7. Each contestant will be allowed one walk on that may reach up to a duration of 1 minute. 30 seconds is preferable if you do not have a costume that has special features that need time to display, or a character related sequence you wish to perform. Please do so with safety in mind.


8. This contest is PG, please keep it this way. Please respect all individuals running the event and participating in said event. In a situation in which this rule is broken, it can disqualify you from the event or any awards, and in serious cases, the convention.


9. Foot wear is required. No bare feet.


10. all prop weapons must fall within the convention guide lines. There will be no exceptions made.



Criteria you will be judged on:

(You will get 1-5 points, 1 being the minimum and 5 the maximum)


Crafting: Your overall material versatility and understanding.


Detail: The ability to show innate craftsmanship via LED’s, dimensional painting and odd materials.


Accuracy: Showing a keen eye to mimicking all aspects of a costume accurately.


Stage Presence: How you present yourself on stage could earn you additional points.


 Judge Favorite: This is a chance for judges to award additional points to costumes they truly love.





Best in Show: Will go to the individual with the most awarded points.


Runner Up: Will go to the individual with the second most awarded points.


Expert Blacksmith Award: Will go to the individual showing most prowess in foam, warble and mixed media materials.


Expert Textiles Award: Will go to the individual showing the most prowess with stitch work and fine materials.